Meet the Staff of Delray Beach Motors

Jennifer Fresard - Owner, CEO

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Car dealing is in my blood! If you met me you’d of heard me say “if you cut off my arm ill bleed gasoline” Born and raised in the heart of the Motor City, my family had GM dealerships. I have trained with GM in New York and have lived in Delray a good long time. My passion is classic muscle cars, but my true purpose is giving the car industry a makeover. Love helping women buy, service, and sell cars without the stress…. Give me a ‘69 Chevy Impala and I’m in heaven! If I can’t answer your questions I will find the answer!

Micaylea Creech - Customer Service

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I’m learning the ropes and loving living in Florida. I left the cold north and found car nirvana. I am here in the office and manage all the many details for purchase. My favorite car is a powder blue Mustang ‘65.

Carlos Sarut - Service Manager

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Carlos is the go-to-fix-everything guy. He's our backbone! Fixes anything, knows everything and Habla Espanol! We may be in the back working on some exotic engine like we said...knows everything there is to know about every car we have!

Steve Muschlitz - Wheels For The Heart Buy Center Management

561-445-7444 -

My focus is the Wheels From The Heart charity which I founded in 2014. Since then we've given away 100 cars to mom with kids in need. Our new BUY CENTER in Jensen Beach is the place to SELL US YOUR CAR, that will directly benefit the charity and help local moms get the transportation they need. 

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